currency exchange immigration consultants North Vancouver

If you as an immigration consultant or a student agent in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or any other big city in Canada looking for a professional way to exchange clients’ money or even your own consultation revenue received from your clients, we offer exclusive exchange rates and services that fit your professionalism.

We can be the trusted Iranian currency exchange in Canada to help your clients and international students exchange their Rials to CAD or vice versa.

We are best at the following services for you and your clients:

  1. For those who recently became immigrants and need to pay for their immigration fees including the investment category or business category.
  2. For those new immigrants who want to buy a new business or a new house to live and need to transfer and exchange money in large quantities.
  3. For students who need to transfer and exchange their tuition.
  4. For clients who want to pay for your profession even before moving to Canada.

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