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Minimalist Backpacking Tips: Part 2

Backpacking across the world shouldn’t be heavy or add extra stress, which is why we’re sharing Part 2 to our minimalist backpacking tips. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe and sleeping in hostels, or bringing a carry-on luggage for your adventures abroad, these space saving tips can be applied for any style of travel.

Ditch the Cotton
Cotton […]

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5 Ways to Travel for Cheap

There are so many ways to travel for cheap. For those who love to travel, finding the financial means to do so can be the only thing stopping them, but it doesn’t have to be.

Go Incognito for Flights
Airfare websites track the destinations you search for and bump up the prices, going incognito makes you untraceable […]

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Important Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Travelling is a beautiful thing, and although your first time travelling solo as a female might be a bit nerve wracking, it shouldn’t be. As long as you know how to keep yourself safe and do thorough research beforehand, you should be well on your way to a fun, fulfilling and safe trip. Read on […]

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Minimalist Backpacking Tips

Our minimalist backpacking tips will ensure your trip is as light and efficient as possible. Backpacking can be a rewarding, fun experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. While you’re doing it though, it is important to know how to pack lightly, and exactly what to pack. Here are our […]

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5 tips to keep your money safe during travel

Nowadays it has been a well-known fact that foreign tourists can easily be a target for local robbers. It is your responsibility to keep your money safe during travel by taking all of the precautions and preventative methods you can. Here are 5 tips to prevent you from getting into such trouble that may ruin […]

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5 tips for exchanging money abroad

When travelling, exchanging money abroad can be a very stressful task. To avoid making a bad deal that can ruin your trip, following some tips can be very useful. Bear with us to get to know five tips that will help you a lot on your next trip.

“No-fee” bureau de change are usually the […]

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Currency Exchange Rate in Vancouver; Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get the best exchange rate?
The way to get the best currency exchange rate in Vancouver is to find a credible provider of exchange services that can get you as close as possible to the spot rate. The best thing to do is to compare rates. When you are doing this, make sure […]

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Should I use cash or credit card when travelling?

If you have a set budget for a vacation, you know it can be very tricky to know when to use cash or credit card when travelling. A simple mistake could change a lot how much you spend on that trip. So, how do you know when to use credit or cash?

First of all: be […]

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Exchanging Currency in the Right Moment

Exchanging currency
Exchanging currency is all about timing and finding the right moment. You can also add belief and luck to it, but we are not talking about lottery here. Currency exchange is unique in that it can be manipulated and brought to your advantage if done right. Our previous blogs mentioned the factors that influence […]

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USD versus Rial: Currency Prediction

USD, Rial., etc. It is hard to predict what exactly will happen to the currency exchange rate in the near future. Within the next 5-10 years, political powers will change and economic stability will be even more fragile than now. As was mentioned in our other blog about what factors affect currency exchange, political and […]

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