Nowadays it has been a well-known fact that foreign tourists can easily be a target for local robbers. It is your responsibility to keep your money safe during travel by taking all of the precautions and preventative methods you can. Here are 5 tips to prevent you from getting into such trouble that may ruin your vacation.

1. Use credit cards instead of cash

It’s not a good choice to carry a lot of cash all day, although cash allows you to use your budget more wisely and is much more widely accepted in shops globally. When somebody steals your wallet, you can invalidate your cards and even get refund for fraud use. Go to the official website of your credit card company and check if your destination country is covered.

2. Hide cash in public

Don’t expose large amounts of money on the street. You should also make sure that cash in your hands doesn’t draw attention even inside of a building. Carry only money that you plan to spend during the day. This is one of the best ways to keep your money safe during travel.

3. Use ATMs inside

This is basically the same idea as the second point above. If you need to withdraw cash at ATM, only use machines located in hotels, restaurants, or other busy areas. Thieves will hardly get chance to steal your money in places where many people are walking around, and tourist-safe places like your own hotel.

4Copy your card information

Photocopy or keep notes of your all ID and cards that you plan to carry. You should keep one set in your suitcase and another with reliable person at home. It would play an important role if you lose it and need to get it reissued.

5. Carry a fake wallet

Sometimes things just happen unexpectedly no matter how careful you try to be. In case a robber attacks or tells you to give him money, what you have to do is to give a dummy wallet. You can prepare one with a cheap wallet, very small sums of bills and coins, and inactive cards. It could help your life.

We always wish you a safe and memorable trip. If you have any questions about currency exchange or how to keep your money safe during travel, feel free to contact us.