There are so many ways to travel for cheap. For those who love to travel, finding the financial means to do so can be the only thing stopping them, but it doesn’t have to be.


Go Incognito for Flights

Airfare websites track the destinations you search for and bump up the prices, going incognito makes you untraceable and the prices remain the same.


Find What You Need

Travelling is all about prioritizing. You need to decide what your necessities are, and what you can leave behind. Maybe you are willing to sleep at cheap hostels or couch surf because you will be out most of the day anyway. Or perhaps you can choose make your own breakfast and dinner, but save lunch for a nice spot outside. Find your compromises.


Make Travel a Priority

This means that throughout the year, you are saving money and not spending it on things that aren’t necessities. Sure, have fun but find a balance. Instead of buying that $400 coat, buy a cheaper one and put that money aside for a plane ticket.


Cheap Housing

This is one of the best ways to travel for cheap, as accommodation swallows up the most money. There are many options for cheap sleeping arrangements when you travel abroad. Hostels, while not free, are a great way to meet lots of other travellers like yourself and save money. Couch surfing, on the other hand, is free – there are many people willing to offer spare space for a night, or even a few.


Cook at Home

Buying groceries and cooking at your place of stay will save you a lot of money. This option requires a kitchen but it will also save you tons of money on expensive meals at popular tourist cities. If you must eat out, there are often great lunch hour specials for food, as well as happy hour specials for drinks.


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