Finding the best currency exchange rate for travel money is vital before setting off on your next adventure. When you are preparing for a holiday abroad, there are lots of things you must accomplish before you travel. For example, packing, arranging transport to the airport and planning on what you are going to do on your travel. However, there is one thing that may seem not important and get left to the end, and that is finding best currency exchange rate for travel money. This is very important because it can save you a lot of money and give you more currency for your travel.

We would like to give you some tips on how to compare currency exchange rate for your travel money.

Never buy currency from the airport

At the airport, currency exchange rates are poor, being at least 10 percent more than other places. So, buying currency from the airport can actually lead you into losing money, rather than saving it or even getting more.

Never buy currency on the main street without comparing the exchange rates

If you are on the main street in a capital city for last-minute shopping, you may consider buying currency from a travel agency, however, sometimes travel agencies are just like the airport in terms of poor currency exchange rates. This is due to the convenience – places that attract tourists, especially in capital cities, are bound to charge more.

Always use local currency

When you are traveling abroad, it is always better to use the local currency because it gives you the best exchange rates. For example, if you are considering to travel to San Francisco, it is better to exchange your Canadian dollar to US dollar before going there. Hafez Currency Exchange is the best place to help you with the best currency exchange rates for your next trip abroad.

Never exchange your money at hotels

Exchanging your currency at hotels is the same as doing so at the airport. It is better to consider exchanging your currency before going abroad and to do the currency exchange in your hometown in the bureau that you know the currency exchange rates are the best.

We highly recommend you to do the currency exchange before you travel. We would like to advise you to exchange your currency at Hafez Currency Exchange as we give you the best currency exchange rates for travel money. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.