How can you get the best exchange rate?

The way to get the best currency exchange rate in Vancouver is to find a credible provider of exchange services that can get you as close as possible to the spot rate. The best thing to do is to compare rates. When you are doing this, make sure you are comparing them at the same time or within a reasonable time.

We pride ourselves in providing the best currency exchange rates in Vancouver and to continue to do so, we actively monitor the exchange rates of other institutions. Nevertheless, if you ever come across a better rate, you can always contact us and we will do our best to match that rate.


Does the amount of the transaction make a difference on the exchange rate?

In general, larger transactions will receive better rates. If you are converting a large amount of a property purchase overseas you should expect better rates than if you are buying a smaller amount of travel.


Do we charge any fees?

No, we do not have any fees. You can call and ask our real-time exchange rates and you can always find out how much you will get for your currency or how much you will need to buy currency.


Why don’t we post our rates on the website?

We believe that the market is too fluid to post our rates. By requiring our customers to call we hope to eliminate any confusion regarding what rates are actually being offered. Having said that, all quotes are given over the phone, once agreed upon, is guaranteed for the rest of that day.


Why are our rates are different than what you see on the Internet?

What you are seeing are neither retail rates nor are the rates that you would expect to find in the country that you are visiting. They are the rates that are set when banks trade currencies between themselves on large multi-million dollar transactions.


We would like to advise you to compare Hafez Currency Exchange rates with the ones on the Internet or any other currency exchange rate in Vancouver to make sure we have the best currency exchange rate!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.