Travelling is a beautiful thing, and although your first time travelling solo as a female might be a bit nerve wracking, it shouldn’t be. As long as you know how to keep yourself safe and do thorough research beforehand, you should be well on your way to a fun, fulfilling and safe trip. Read on for important tips for women travelling alone!


Pace Your Drinking

It’s incredibly important that if you find yourself drinking at a local party or bar, that you watch how much you drink and pace yourself. This is especially true if you met a group to hang out with – always make sure you are aware of your surroundings and sober enough to have full control of your actions and the decisions you make. A night of fun is not worth putting yourself in danger, especially if you are by yourself.


Backup Documents

Having backup copies of your documents is incredibly important. Make copies of credit card contact numbers, scans of all of your cards, passports and important passwords. Store all of these copies on the cloud or Google Drive, so you can have access to them wherever you are.


Don’t Trust People Right Away

Always be careful when meeting new people abroad if you are a woman travelling alone. Don’t share too much personal information, and don’t trust people right away. You never know what someone’s intentions may be until it’s too late. This is not to say to not have fun or meet new people, just make sure you are staying on the side of caution, especially when accepting drinks or leaving your things unattended.


Nighttime and Daytime Safety

Anytime you are using public transport, try to sit beside another female. In taxis, always sit behind the driver and make sure to research the most reputable taxi companies in the country you are visiting. Always avoid isolated areas when sightseeing by yourself, or choose to go with a local tour group.


Know the Risks and Plan Ahead

Before heading off to your country of choice, be sure to assess the risks and research the area thoroughly. Research safety ratings, and learn as much as you can about the place beforehand, including how safe it is for women travelling alone. You also want to take into consideration language limitations.


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