Backpacking across the world shouldn’t be heavy or add extra stress, which is why we’re sharing Part 2 to our minimalist backpacking tips. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe and sleeping in hostels, or bringing a carry-on luggage for your adventures abroad, these space saving tips can be applied for any style of travel.


Ditch the Cotton

Cotton clothing is heavy – whether it is cotton trousers, denim jeans, or canvas jackets. Opt for synthetic materials which are lightweight, dry fast, and are easy to scrunch up without wrinkling too much.


Mini Versions of Everything

Look for mini versions of everything. Mini lighters, travel-size shampoo and body wash. You can also look for hairbrushes that fold down, as well as toothbrushes that fold. Simply not carrying body wash and shampoo and using what you are given in hotels is most ideal.

Simplify Your Routine

Simplifying your morning and night routine is one of the best things you can do. Do you really need to carry that jar of gel for your hair, or 10 different makeup brushes and palettes? Cut it down to 1-3 steps and call it a day. These are also habits that tend to stick long after your backpacking adventures.


Opt for Wool

Wool insulates odor and even when it gets wet, it keeps your feet and body warm as it is a natural insulator. Opt for thin lightweight wools like merino wool.


Don’t Buy a Large Pack

Avoid getting a backpack with too much space as filling it will be incredibly tempting. When you don’t have the storage space for more stuff, you either eliminate what you already have or avoid buying more stuff. Get a smaller bag and pack accordingly.


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