Our minimalist backpacking tips will ensure your trip is as light and efficient as possible. Backpacking can be a rewarding, fun experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. While you’re doing it though, it is important to know how to pack lightly, and exactly what to pack. Here are our top 5 tips on how to make your trips across the world as minimally stressful as possible.


Share the Weight

If you are travelling with a partner, don’t carry doubles. Two versions of something you can both use or share is redundant. Carry singles and distribute the weight evenly to make it easier on both your backs and make the trip simpler.


Analyze Everything

Sometimes, it can take months and months to plan your bag. You should analyze every single thing you plan to carry and try to cut it down as much as possible, or eliminate it all together. Sometimes we tend to pack things we never end up using. Always ask yourself if you really need it.


Check the Weather

Check the weather ahead of time for whichever location you’re heading to. Do you really need to pack that extra hoodie or is it extra weight that you will have to lug around that you may never use?


Embrace Multi-Use Items

Multi-use items could include things like scarves that you could use as a wrap for the beach, as a beach towel, or even to tie your hair with. You can also purpose Vaseline for a variety of different things from chapped lips to blisters from your hiking shoes.


Goodbye Technology

One of the top minimalist backpacking tips is minimizing technology. If you are hiking, pack the bare necessities technology-wise. Enjoy being in nature without technological disruptions. If you must bring technology, only bring what you will absolutely need. You can film and photograph on your iPhone instead of bringing a large camera that will require battery packs, cables and accessories.


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