If you are planning to travel from Canada to Iran or vice versa, we guarantee the best possible rates. We have locations in both Canada and Iran to serve you with exchange rates and transaction fees that are more favourable than Banks or any other financial institutes.

We will exchange your money in the same day, and we will buy your remaining money from your trip at a great rate.

We are number one Iranian currency exchange in Vancouver with respect to rates, service, availability, and quick delivery. Our rates are very competitive and we don’t charge a service fee for the exchange of currencies.

If you are going to Iran, make sure you have Rials in your pocket before you get there. You still need Rials when traveling Iran to pay for a taxi, food, or even tips.

When you plan to go back to Canada from your awesome trip, make sure to call us ahead of time and we will connect you with our partner currency exchange location in Iran to buy your remaining Rials and pay you Canadian dollars for when you are back in YVR airport.

For more information, contact us at 604-984-4445 or info@hafezfx.com